The CoreWorks Framework is the foundation of all of our software implementations – whether “out of the box” or custom tailored to fit your unique business processes and existing software systems. We have spent years perfecting it, continuously building in cool new features. It enables us to deliver high-quality, feature-rich business solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of our competitors.

At a Glance

The following is a list of the most popular CoreWorks features that come standard in all of the solutions we deliver.

  • “Out of the Box” Templates: Configure your solution using our pre-defined form templates that can be easily adapted to your business – Or we will work with you to define custom forms to fit your specific needs.

  • Configurable Workflows: Configure simple or more complex workflows, such as multi-level approvals and assignees.

  • Dashboard Reports: Our dashboard reports can be configured to give every user a personalized, real-time snapshot of the data that matters most to them.

  • Robust Searching: Save search filters and layouts allowing you to generate on the fly custom reports – using powerful wildcard search features.

  • Comments: Every form in the CoreWorks frameworks contains a comments section to facilitate transparent, archived discussions among users.

  • Attachments: Every form in CoreWorks supports the uploading of attachments (permissions can be applied to restrict user access to attachments as needed).

  • Automatic Alerts: Automated alerts keep changes and requests “top of mind” notifying users to new assignments, approvals, reminders, and data changes.

  • Export to Excel: Quick and easy access to your data outside of CoreWorks with the click of a button.

  • Fully Audited: Data modifications are recorded quietly behind the scenes capturing the date of change, user making the change, and the specific modifications giving you a complete audit history of your data.

Learn More About CoreWorks

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