One of the features that makes our clients fall in love with the CoreWorks solutions we provide them is searching. Our CoreWorks Framework offers some powerful searching features that are really easy to put to use. In this post, I am going to highlight these features and show you how to put them to use in order to get the most out of your CoreWorks solution.

Wild Card Searching

Use wild cards when searching in the CoreWorks Framework in order to get the most out of your search results. The following examples highlight how to get the most out of your searches in CoreWorks.

“Starts With” Search

For this example, let’s say that I have a huge list of vendors in CoreWorks (several thousand). Many of these vendors have offices in multiple locations and have an entry in the system for each location, e.g., “Acme – West Houston,” “Acme – North Houston,” and “Acme – Dallas.”

In order to quickly return all records associated with the vendor “Acme” regardless of the specific location, I would simply use “Acme*” as my vendor search filter value.

Notice the asterisk (*) at the end of my search filter value—that is the “wildcard.” It represents any possible text value. So your search will return all records that have any vendor as long as the name of the vendor starts with the text “Acme.”

CoreWorks "Starts With" Search Example

“Ends With” Search

On the other hand, let’s say that I wanted to find all of my vendors located in Houston—I could enter “*Houston” as my vendor search filter. In this case, the system would return all records that have a vendor name that ends with the word “Houston.” What comes before the text “Houston” does not matter, but the exact text “Houston” must be the last text in the vendor’s name.

CoreWorks "Ends With" Search Example

“Contains” Search

Finally, let’s pretend I want to search for a vendor that I know should have a particular value somewhere inside of the vendor name. It may start and end with something totally different, but I know that there will be a certain value always inside the name.

In this case, I would use the “contains” search approach, sandwiching the value I am searching for inside of two wildcards—for example “*acme*.”

CoreWorks "Contains" Search Example