At MT Works we are always looking for new ways to create out-of-the-box products on our CoreWorks Framework. Engineering is one area that we have been very successful at doing this—specifically, engineering for Manufacturing/Production. Over the years we have been able to package some the key features engineering organizations use on a daily bases into an affordable suite of tools we call CoreWorks for Engineering.

CoreWorks for Engineering consists of the following tools:

  • Part Number and BOM Management and Searching
  • “Where Used” Search
  • ECN Management
  • Request Forms

Part Number and BOM Management

Add and edit your part numbers and BOMs directly from within CoreWorks, or import your data from your ERP. Instantly make your internal parts list searchable by entering internal part numbers, inventory, pricing, and manufacturer preferences. The CoreWorks’ quick, intuitive interface means engineers and designers don’t spend hours going through multiple ERP screens designed for a multiplicity of different departments.


“Where Used” Search

Once your BOMs and part numbers are in CoreWorks our “Where Used Search” gives you visibility into all the assemblies your components are tied to, allowing your engineering team to quickly navigate up and down product structure—all in a matter of seconds.

It is as easy as completing these steps:

  1. Entering the Part Number of the component you are look for
  2. Click “Search”
  3. View the results

CoreWorks Where Used Search Example

ECN Management

The CoreWorks ECN form is a powerful tool designed to simplify documentation control and capture an audit trail of all engineering changes. The ECN allows the engineering department to clearly define and document changes made to all controlled documents, from component and assembly drawings to bills of materials. The ECN form is linked to the Item Master allowing quick entry to any company component or drawing.

When an item is entered onto the ECN form, the description and revision, as well as component stock information, are automatically displayed. Effectivity details and notes can also be entered for each item on the ECN form.

The ECN has a fully configurable approval process workflow, which allows one or more users across various departments/groups to be configured as ECN approvers. You can also set up multiple approval levels—for example, if you want to have a “gatekeeper” reviewing new ECNs before being submitted to the approval board or if your process requires a “final sign-off” once all tasks have been completed.

Request Forms

CoreWorks also has form templates that have been developed specifically for Engineering, Manufacturing, Production, Service and Repair, and Maintenance. Our form templates can be used as is, or can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Our forms include full-feature search pages and can be configured to include both approval and assignment workflows.

The following is a partial list of engineering form templates in the CoreWorks form library:

  • CAPA Request
  • Change Request
  • Non-Conformance Report
  • Request for Engineering Action
  • Request for Production Assistance
  • Request for Purchase
  • Software Change Order
  • Technical Change Notice

Find Out More

We would love to talk to you to find out if CoreWorks for Engineering is the right fit for your organization. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today!