Everyone at MT Works is extremely excited to announce the release of the CoreWorks Process Traveler as one of our latest out-of-the-box products built on our CoreWorks Framework.

So What Is the CoreWorks Process Traveler?

The Process Traveler is a browser-based software application, written on our CoreWorks Framework, that facilitates your business processes. You can configure the application to walk users through pre-defined processes by creating process templates. The templates are a representation of your business process flows.

When a user needs to perform the steps in a specific process, they would simply create a new Process Traveler and select the template of the process to be followed. The Process Traveler would then walk the user through each step of the process capturing the results of each step, comments, attachments, and other data. Steps can be assigned to a specific user (or users) or remain unassigned for anyone to complete. The system captures a complete history of everything that occurred during the process, auditing all changes to the data behind the scenes.

Simply put … Process Traveler is a one-stop shop to guarantee that your employees are consistently following your organization’s processes.

Who Needs the Process Traveler?

Successful organizations follow standardized processes—the problem is ensuring that these processes are consistently followed. The CoreWorks Process Traveler ensures that your organization’s business processes are consistently followed because it will guide your employees through the steps in the same manner every time.

Here are a few detailed examples of how the Process Traveler has been put to use:

  • Production / Manufacturing / Service & Repair: The Process Traveler can be set up to manage your manufacturing, service and repair, and scheduled maintenance processes. Templates can be set up for each product or product line guaranteeing that assembly and repair processes are consistently followed every time. All while capturing the results, comments, and any relevant attachments (such as photos of damaged components).

  • Quality Assurance and Testing: The Process Traveler can be set up to manage the testing process for an organization’s Quality Assurance. Test cases can be converted into process templates for each of the products, features, or requirements being tested. Testers would then run the relevant Process Traveler for each test iteration to capture the test results, feedback, and attachments, giving your organization full visibility of your testing process.

Other examples are:

  • Human Resources Processes

  • Sales Processes

  • Recruiting Processes

  • IT / Software Deployment Processes

  • Anywhere you have repeatable business processes that need to be consistently followed.

What Are the Key Features?

While the CoreWorks Process Traveler is simple to configure and use, it has some powerful features that will make it an invaluable productivity tool for your business. Some of the key features include the following:

  • Customizable Result Values: Different processes require different results for each step. Testing may need “Pass,” “Failed,” and “Skip,” while Human Resources may use “Completed,” “On Hold,” and “Skip.” These result values are customizable for each implementation.

  • “Dynamic” Travelers: For your more complex processes, the Process Traveler includes the ability to flag a Traveler Template as “Dynamic.” While a regular template forces users to follow the steps in a sequential fashion, a Dynamic Traveler allows users to jump between steps as needed.

  • Step Assignments: Process can span multiple teams and business units—we understand this, and allow each Process Traveler step to be assigned to one or even multiple users. This provides full traceability and accountability to the process flow.

  • Email Notifications: The system will send automated email notifications to users when steps are assigned to them and awaiting their action.

  • Unlimited Attachment Uploads: Users can upload as many attachments as they need. Attachments can be assigned to either the Process Traveler as a whole, or to a specific step on the Traveler.

  • Discussion Area: Each Traveler contains a comments section that can be used to have internal discussions about the process. Comments can be directed at one or more users (users will be notified of the comment via email) to initiate a discussion.

  • Robust Searching: The Process Traveler’s powerful search screens allow users to save search filters and layouts, allowing them to generate on-the-fly custom reports, and allowing users to track and report vital process KPI metrics.

  • Dashboard Reporting: Provided dashboard reports can be configured to give every user a personalized, real-time snapshot of the processes they are watching.

  • Export to Excel: Quick and easy access to your process result data is just one click away with our “Export to Excel” feature.

Can It Be Integrated with Our Existing System?

Yes. The CoreWorks Process Traveler can be extended to work with your existing system.

How Long Does It Take to Get Up and Running?

A typical out-of-the-box Process Traveler setup can be completed within two to three weeks of being given the “green light.”

How Do I Get the CoreWorks Process Traveler?

We would love to talk to you to find out if the CoreWorks Process Traveler is the right fit for your organization. If you are interested in the Process Traveler, please contact us today!